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Simona. Povestea Primului Slam | Simona. The First Slam Story.

Simona Halep is now a Grand Slam champion. Historical performance, the meaning of which is worth contextualizing.

With six years of experience behind, the Treizecizero team has prepared to put the Story of the First Slam in print.

Treizecizero (30-0) is a romanian online tennis publication with a solid base of 430k unique visitors a year that has always experimented with new media and formats: podcasts, live TV shows, fan stories turned into comics, fan reporting from tournaments, theme-based micro-sites.

The publication is a combination between word and photo, between the beauty of the details of the atmosphere, the depth of the analyzes and the emotion of the images. It gives a great image of Simona Halep's journey to conquer the First Slam: the elite appearance, the misses preceding the great triumph, the people who were next to it, and of course the climax - the tournament where everything happened.

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